Our ‘Raceway’ track is designed for BSCRA-type 1/32 and 1/24 and UKRRA Retro 1/24 racing. It’s a very fast 117-foot six-lane braided wooden track with a smooth gloss painted surface. Race control is through the latest version of the SlotMaster race management system. Controllers are connected through the usual BSCRA 3-pin 2 amp plugs that are standard in UK slot racing clubs. Parma controllers are available for visitors.


Raceway club nights alternate between INTRO 32 and 1/24 Production as the main classes. See the Calendar page for more details.

This means that for around £120 someone can purchase 2 new cars and race every week with cars that have proved to be of very equal performance - races have often ended with only feet separating cars after 18 minutes racing. Using these cars with some small changes, novice drivers could be allowed to compete in some of the other classes.

Existing club members do often have spare cars and controllers which can be lent to potential members if they want to try before they buy. The purchase of  a controller is also desirable but this should wait until various types have been tried and advice sought.

The Club will allow the use of any Falcon/Hawk 7 type motor generally available, in any of the classes. NB: this is NOT current BSCRA policy.

Although we do not desire to regularly race more classes than we have at present, with general agreement, we could, on occasion, have a different guest class to race in the second part of the evening.


Mike Thomson was crowned Overall Raceway Champion during the curtailled racing season in 2020, also winning the 1/32 class. Ricky Gowen took the 1/24 class championship.

Raceway Track Records

The  lap record for the Raceway stands at 2.906 seconds, set by 2022 World Champion James Cleave on blue lane in qualifying for the 1/24 Euro Sport class at the club’s round of the 2013 British Open Championship. The INTRO 32 records start 2017 at 4.434 for fastest lap and 228.32 laps in 6 x 3 minute segments, both held by Gavin Wills. You can view the complete Raceway lap record list here.

The first-ever racing night on the Raceway welcomed visits by world champions James Cleave and Antonin Vojtik

Raceway Track 1/32 and 1/24 Class Standards

We race a variety of classes on the Raceway. In line with the club’s aim of keeping racing affordable and accessible for a wide range of enthusiasts, priority is given to Falcon-powered BSCRA production classes and the UKRRA ‘retro’ classes. Rules for the BSCRA classes can be found here, and more information about UKRRA Retro classes is here.

The new BSCRA Mega Monster track is set up in the National Slot Car Centre, located within the RSCC premises in Rockingham.