Rockingham Slot Car Club runs a programme of regular club racing on weeknights, and hosts a number of open events on weekends throughout the year. Club members are also active in racing at BSCRA, CSCRA, UKRRA and other open events at other clubs around the country.

BSCRA and 1/24 retro classes are raced on the Raceway on Tuesday nights, with a rotating regular cycle of club classes. 1/32 ‘scale’ racing takes place on the Scalex track every Friday night. Digital, Rally and Oval events are also held occasionally. See the Calendar for more details.

The club is usually open from about 7.00 until racing ends, usually between 10.00-11.00, although members may continue to practice well after this.

Members of the NSCC, BSCRA and other clubs are always welcomed, as new members or occasional visitors. Club members are always willing to give advice and assistance to new and less experienced racers, and club controllers and cars are available for loan to visitors.

See the details of how to get in touch on our Contact page.

About the Club


Rockingham Slot Car Club attracts its members from across Northamptonshire and the neighbouring counties - Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Camridgeshire, Leicestershire and Rutland.

The Club Constitution can be read here.

Annual membership of the club is only £10 per year. Race entry is £5 per week (£1 for juniors) and the fee covers all regular club night racing -  Tuesdays on the Raceway, Fridays on the Scalex track, and other weekday evenings on the Digital and Rally tracks and our NASCAR Oval.

And you can try it out before you join - your first night’s racing is free!