RSCC plays host to visiting racers a number of times during the year, by running Open Events for a wide range of racing formats. The clubroom gives racers ample preparation space, and large display screens make it easy to keep up with results and the race timetable.Visitors can find location details, and a list of nearby hotels, on our Contact page.

Open Events


This is a typical list of open events which RSCC runs during a normal year's racing. The list includes events for both modern and retro cars in 1/32 and 1/24 scales. All are listed on our Calendar. Details of 2024 events will be finalised shortly.

BSCRA Area 10 Nationals Qualifying Round - 9 January 2023

Qualifying round of the 1/32 National championship. More information about the event can be found on the BSCRA site.

Policar Classic Formula 1 Grand Prix - 15 January 2023

A new event using the emerging standard based on the new 1960s-1970s Classic era Formula One cars from Policar. More details on Slot Forum.

CSCRA Winter Classic - 16 January 2023

Races for 1/32 hard body cars in three classes: Pre-War cars, GP cars 1966-82, and Sports/GT cars 1963-1984. More details on Slot Forum.

1/24 BOC Round 1 - 19 February 2023

First round of the year-long 1/24 British Open Championship. More information about the BOC can be found on the BSCRA site.

1/24 Mini and Group 2 Challenge - 19 March 2023

A new event for box-stock BRM Saloons on both the Raceway and Scalex tracks. More details on Slot Forum.

Big Birds 1/24 Vintage Race Meeting - 1 April 2023

Race meeting for 1/24 scale vintage slot cars featuring Grand Prix cars from two eras - 1950-60 and 1961-65. More details on Slot Forum.

Double Trouble Vintage Race Meeting - 2 April 2023

This vintage meeting for slot cars constructed from parts available before 1972. Racing is for both 1/24 and 1/32 scales, with a strong emphasis on the originality and presentation of cars.  More details on Slot Forum.

National GT3 Championship - 13 June 2023

Round 3 of the national series based on NSR and Scaleauto GT3 cars. More information about the championship is on this thread on Slot Forum.

CSCRA American Pie Race Meeting - 2 July 2023

A 1/32 scale Race Meeting celebrating American Race Cars and Events to CSCRA rules. More information on Slot Forum.

National Digital Championship Round 3 - 29/30 July 2023

Digital endurance racing with cars built to DiSCA standards. More information here about DiSCA.

Rockingham Open Frame and Steering GP - 2 September 2023

A “retro” event for Grand Prix cars in four classes up to 1970 with inline open frame motors and a working steering unit, to CSCRA standards.

CSCRA September Classic - 3 September 2023

This regular event features racing for 1/32 scale cars to CSCRA standards, for Grand Prix cars from 1950-60, and Saloon Cars from 1949-1962.

UKRRA Autumn Festival - 30 September/1 October 2023 (TBC)

The UKRRA series is for 1/24 retro cars to UK Retro Racing Association rules, which are on the CSCRA website.

National Digital Championship Round 6 - 21/22 October 2023

A weekend of digital endurance racing on a Ninco track laid out on top of the BSCRA National track. More information here about DiSCA.

Rockingham hosts a range of digital races throughout the year. Further information on the rules and entry list for the 6 Hours of Rockbull Ring are found on Slot Forum.