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Congratulations to our Champions for 2020! 
Mike Thomson took a clean sweep of Raceway classes, Open 32, 1/24 Production, and the Overall Championship. 
On the Scalex track, Steve Foster won the Newcomer Championship, Nick Wade won the Main Grade Championship, Mick Kerr took the Endurance Championship and Matt Tucker won the Formula 1 Championship. Matt also took the Overall Club Championship.
The racing calendar for Scalex club nights is changing for 2020! From Friday 3 January there will be a seven-week rotation of classes: GT3; Unlimited Sports & GT; Classic Slot It/NSR/Fly; BPR Global GT; Group 5; Le Mans Group C; and Formula 1 (alternating between Formula 1; Formula 1 60’s & 70’s; Classic GP). 
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Congratulations to RSCC’s John Underwood for winning the Overall  NSR Classics Championship in the year-long Wales and West series.