Made on a Mac
RSCC has agreed to provide the BSCRA track a permanent home in a newly built space at our Rockingham clubroom. 
It is planned that this will be the venue for the BSCRA National Championships once the track room is finished.  Volunteers are hard at work making this happen and we hope to have it all ready in time for the 2017 1/24 International in August.  We'll be making further announcements as the work progresses.
A permanent setup will help to keep the BSCRA track in good condition for longer as deterioration and the risk of accidental damage is inevitable when a track is moved to a temporary venue just for a weekend's racing.
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The month of July kicks off on the Raceway with races for the 1/24 Production and Retro Can-Am classes, followed by the usual cycle of racing - more information about the calendar on the Raceway page.

July’s racing begins on the Scalex track on Friday 7th, with Round 1 of a new mini-series for Classic Slot.It and NSR cars. On July 9 the Scalex track also hosts Round 3 of the national Classic Trans-Am Championship for cars built to CSCRA car standards.

Round 7 of the Digital Championship takes place on Thursday 27 July.

Racing at the fifth round of the 1/32 BOC in 2016. For 2017, RSCC is hosting the fifth round of the 1/24 BOC on 28/29th October.

The Rockingham team celebrating second place on the podium at the DiSCA 24 Hour race. Finishing ahead of teams from all over Europe, the team was just 40 laps (about 10 minutes racing) behind the leaders after 24 hours of racing on a four-lane digital track laid out as a scale representation of the real “Circuit de la Sarthe”.

Rockingham is hosting the third round of the 2017 CSCRA National Classic Trans-Am Championship on Sunday 9 July.